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April 8th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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I have a 17mo DD, and we recently decided to TTC #2. With my first, I temped and knew very quickly we were pg. But this time around, we decided to be a little more carefree about the process. The only things I have to go on are the 'symptoms' my body is creating. One of which I am unfamiliar with is implantation spotting.

I'm currently on CD32, 10 days post BD, but not sure when I ovulated. It's possible that I am 7DPO if I go by a somewhat average cycle (of 36 days: I'm still BFing and have only 5 cycles to go by). On 5DPO I had red/pink tinge on TP, CP was HMC. No additional discharge was present until a couple hours later there was a bit of brown discharge on TP. On 6DPO, no discharge except during cervical check, which was HMC and it was brown. Throughout the day, there only remained a SLIGHT amount of brown tinged discharge. Finally, today, there is barely any color, just the very slightest, maybe, amount of brown tint.

Anyone care to pass on some knowledge or experience with implantation bleeding? Does the transition of red turned brown sound familiar? I didn't have any experience with this during my first baby, so I'm in pretty unfamiliar territory. Would you be excited about this symptom? I can't help but get my hopes up that this is a sign of implantation/baby. Looking for some facts on IB to get myself a bit more grounded so I don't get too excited.

TIA for any info you can provide!!!!
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