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April 8th, 2013, 02:56 PM
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1. Dream vacation A month in New Zealand in the summer (their summer) I'd spend at least half with my friends there and the other half exploring the south Island (I spent nearly a year there and didnt really see the south Island at all)

2. Favorite nursery theme idea at the moment.. I have not even thought about it honestly since I dont know babies gender and they will be sharing a room with an older sibling, so far if I went by the themes of my older children it would be butterflies and flowers for a girl, and giraffes and elephants for a boy... they are no longer nursery babies but their rooms are still sort of themed on those things.

3. Best Part of Motherhood (narrow it down to 1) My children. They make being a mother wonderful!

4. Thing you are most looking forward to this summer SWIMMING in Lake Huron! I'm not a huge fan of water or sand, especially sand, I hate the stuff, but I am really looking forward to teaching my 4 year old to swim and building sand castles with both of them. We lived 1/2 from the ocean in San Diego but I didnt go that often because Fia was so little and it was hard on me, but now we are only 5 minutes from a very beautiful part of Lake Huron!
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