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April 8th, 2013, 02:29 PM
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Thanks, we just went today to the specialist and they verified surgery was needed. He is scheduled for April 18th. You ladies make me feel so much better but I cant help but be a little sad and upset mostly about the idea of him being put under. He has an ear infection in both ears so there was fluid but the doctor said that s from the infection breaking up. On top the the tonsils and adenoids coming out he will be having an endoscopy. He had baby reflux (GERD) and he stopped taking meds a little after a year...they told me it was gone. Unfortunately its not so she is going to look to see if there is any damage, hopefully not we started liquid prilosec and i am hoping for the best! Just wanted to give a little update.

Update on Arielle, at 34 days she was admitted for RSV and put on precutions. We have had the VNA (visiting nurses association) seeing her at home I have been so careful she has an awful cough so Im hoping its just a cough she sees the doctor thursday Ill make sure to update!
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