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April 8th, 2013, 05:43 PM
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So i was searching around and saw a weight chart on an IVF site. Got me thinking I need to lose the 5 pounds (of the 10) I gained during the m/c thing and flu (basically didn't workout for 6 weeks).
I lost 100 pounds 6.5 years ago and so it's important to me. I have kept it off mainly because of exercise. but in the 2ww my anxiety gets to me and I workout A LOT less. Then when I was pg with the m/c I didn't work out at all. Then the day after I started m/c I caught the flu and couldn't work out for 3 weeks. I started to panic that I was going to gain everything back (because I know if I lose the exercise habit I will). Thankfully thats not the case but exercise has only slowly taken 5 of the 10 pounds and I need to diet now.

How aggressive can I be? Obviously not 1,000 calories a day but like Weight Watchers ok?
I wonder if the 10 pounds made a difference on the number of follicles I had too? i know when I was heavier I was annovulatory where as now, 10 years older I seem to be the opposite.
I need to lose at least these 5 pounds. Would ideally love to lose 10-15 pounds but I like food. A lot. bahahaha!

So thoughts? Opinions? Warnings? Advice?
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