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April 8th, 2013, 05:58 PM
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All is mostly well over here. Finally back to our normal week on week off with O after the wedding. We had him for one day out of the last 2 weeks due to getting back on our normal schedule, but we have him this week and are glad to be able to spend more than a day with him!

That being said, his mom has done some damage in the last 2 weeks. I had to draft an email and send it to Eric so he can send it to her, I'll just copy/paste it here, it pretty much explains it all.

There are a few things I need to address with you regarding O.

First- his attendance. To date, he has missed 13 days of school and has been tardy 6 times. We received a print out from the school on the reasons for these absences, and most of them either do not have a reason because it was unverified, or have reasons such as "Personal day." If O misses 18 school days, his variance will not be renewed for next year. This means changing schools. O's attendance is very important to his education. He has Standford 10 testing next week, which he needs to be prepared for. He needs to be at school on time every day next week for testing. He cannot miss any more school. He has missed way too much already.

Here is the list of his absences/tardies while with you:
8/20/12- Resp. Illness/per grandma
8/21/12- Resp. Illness/ per grandma
8/22/12- Left Message
8/23/12- tardy- 8:04
10/1/12- tardy- 8:05
10/15/12- tardy- 8:13
11/14/12- tardy- 8:49
12/13/12- Arrived at 9:35. Half day absence
1/24/13- Due to Early Release/ per mom
2/4/13- Sent home from nurses office at 11:33
3/4/13- Left message/ not feeling well
3/7/13- Left message
4/2/13- Diarrhea

His most recent absence was 4/2. You told us that you were both too tired from the field trip. We spoke to the school today and were told that you called them and told them he had diarrhea. We asked O why he stayed home, and if he was sick. He told us he had diarrhea. When we asked him why you did not tell us this yesterday, he told us he never told you he had diarrhea. We then told him that the reason for his absence was in fact diarrhea, and he broke down and told us he wasn't sick at all, but he heard you lie to the school so he thought he had to lie to us. O needs to be taught integrity and responsibility by having a good example set for him. Lying to the school only teaches him to lie. Which brings me to my next point.

O received a purple last Thursday. Ms. Lutz said he spit in another students face. When we asked him about his week last night, he told us 2 greens and 2 yellows, which is exactly what you told us he told you. When we asked him what happened on Thursday he told us he scratched someone on accident and got moved to purple. (Still trying to verify if it was scratching or spitting, but either way it was a purple.) Ms. L tells us he made it up to pink by the end of the day, which is why no phone call was made. O again broke down and told us he lied because he didn't want to get caught and thought he could get away with it.

O then broke down again and apologized to us for lying. We had a very long talk with him about responsibility. This includes going to school, getting there on time, and completing all his work. He is a very bright child, so while he is not suffering academically, he needs to be taught how to be responsible. He is old enough to fill out his own reading log and not have you do it for him. If he can read a chapter book for 20 minutes, he is fully capable of writing down the name of that book in his log.

If you would like to talk about my concerns, please email me back. I have very busy nights at work and won't be able to answer a phone call.
So yeah. Teaching him to lie. Nice right?
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