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April 8th, 2013, 07:50 PM
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Now that I'm on a proper computer: George is eating a little better (in terms of amount but having some pretty bad reflux issues. She's still a very lazy eater who requires constant stimulation to get her to suck. The nurses say babies born with respiratory issues often have some feeding problems at first. However, they are slowly weaning her off the IV. They're also weaning her off oxygen, but we hit a bit of a wall at 30%/.5 litre. They won't wean her down any more until she maintains 95 and above sats consistently for a few hours and she's not able to do that. She could do it at 40% but not 30.

They did hear evidence of a heart murmur, and the echo was supposed to happen today but...did not. Should definitely happen tomorrow though.

She's only lost a couple ounces, which is great. She's a very laid back baby for the most part, but definitely has her buttons you push which instantly piss her off.

That was c/ped from what I just posted on FB, so sorry if its stuff I've already told you girls.

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