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April 8th, 2013, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by MarlowesMum View Post
I always laugh at people who profess themselves to be coffee snobs but then drink flavored stuff. (Becky... ) Although really, I'm talking about a guy I know who WEIGHS his coffee beans before brewing - but then offers me a cup of hazelnut coffee. REALLY?! You WEIGH hazelnut beans? Weirdo...

I don't mind the occasional flavored coffee, but I actually just prefer mine with a smidgeon of fat-free half and half and splenda. As the daughter of a brazilian daddy and a cajun mommy....I likes my coffee strong.
I will totally cop to being an unsophisticated coffee snob.

I'm fairly new to the whole coffee thing too, only been drinking it for a couple of years. So I'm a bit behind! And to be honest I really don't like how it tastes if it doesn't have some "help". But some of it I don't even like doctored so I guess that's where the snob part comes in.

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