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April 8th, 2013, 11:46 PM
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I will probably go over my limit too

This is MY little family:

First day of Kinder, and his daddy got the honors of taking him:

Trip to the zoo being tickled by daddy.

First kiss as Husband and wife:

His first peaceful view of the ocean:

Probably the best photo he's ever taken (and that includes both of his wedding days LOL)

Our very first non selfie photo:

Now... my home family:

Our last complete family photo:

A year later we were no longer complete:

My grandparents precious gems: (and my grandmother)

The first man I loved, my daddy. He was standing up for my aunt and uncle at their wedding in 2008, his dementia was already robbing him of his memories, but he was so proud of his best buddy on this day:

Dad and his buddy.. my Uncle Chris in the... um... little side room off our church. the name is slipping me

The two sweetest girls in the world. My cousins Tori and Teanna, and my Aunt Audie (her name is Christina).. it's her 50th birthday.

My baby brother and our grammy (dad's mom) on her 90th birthday the other day.

Mom, brothers me... yes we are a little crazy.

And some randoms I've taken over the years:

Crying flower girl, she has something in her eye and had to interrupt the photos so her mommy could fix it.

My second love. My grandfather, the day his baby (and only bio child) got married. And if he saw me type that.. he'd kick me from here to timbukto...genetics matter none to this man.

And last but not least, the lovely ladies of my family prior to Teanna being born:

Sorry Sharron I can't count!!!!
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