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April 8th, 2013, 11:50 PM
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Only have a boy, and he just got trained literally in the past 3 weeks. He just turned 20 months.
According to my mom, this is slow as my sisters and I were all trained by 17 months. I also know a girl trained at 15 months. On the flip side I know another girl who wasn't trained until 3.

I had a few moments during training where I wished he was a girl simply because sometimes he would sit on the potty(good) and pee(also good) but he'd be pointed the wrong way and all the pee would end up in a puddle at his feet!
We bought 4 potty chairs and only 2 were well-designed enough to accommodate boys' plumbing.

So to answer your question, I think it's a myth. However potty seats are much better designed for girls.
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