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April 9th, 2013, 04:51 AM
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Originally Posted by edgeofelise View Post
Did it go *through* the insert, or repel off the sides? You'd only need to worry about them not working properly if it's repelling. If it's just wicking through to the other side really quickly that's okay, because you'll have a water-repellant (PUL, fleece, wool, whatever kind of cover you're using) layer overtop and it'll keep it from leaking. The whole insert will end up soaked, not just the area where the wetness first hits it.

How many times did you wash the bamboo? Natural fibers often need about 5-6 washings before they're fully prepped, and they'll still continue to be more absorbent the more times you wash them. They do typically absorb more than man-made fibers, but they can also hold on to stink and be harder to care for. Microfiber also tends to absorb more quickly, so a layer of MF closest to baby's bottom (but not touching; it can really dry out skin) with a layer or bamboo or hemp underneath is a great combo.

I hope that made sense, lol.
I'm confused. How do you get the microfiber closest to the baby without it touching? Use a liner? We also have both natural and synthetic options in our new stash.
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