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April 9th, 2013, 06:14 AM
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Share your favourite baking recipe with us! (Brownies would be good!)

^^ Yumm!! Smooth fridge cookie dough into the bottom of a cupcake tin then take a reeses cup and place it upside down on the cookie dough. Add prepared brownie mix to fill it 3/4 of the way. Then bake at 350 degrees. It told me for 18 minutes but total cook time for mine was 22 minutes. Sooo rich and delicious!

How did you discover you were able to do readings?
I'm still really learning, I wouldn't even say that I have truly discovered. I know for myself, my readings ring true. I am still really getting to know my deck and am enjoying the journey.

Would you describe yourself as a channel reader (messages from higher beings), a psychic (from your own higher self) or a medium (from spirit)?
^^ as I get further into my journey I'll be able to answer this but at this moment I am not sure.
Would you describe yourself as clairvoyant (seeing other dimensions), clairaudient (hearing them), clairsentient (feeling/sensing them) or claircognizant ("just knowing" wisdom from them)?
What's your favourite piece of jewelry and do you wear it every day?
Every jewerly piece I wear I wear every day. I have my birthstone ring that Michael got me for our first Christmas, all my piercings (septum, industrial, helix, and then ear lobes), but my favorite is my necklace

Why did you name your daughter Kennedi?
I choose 3 names that I absolutely LOVED! Kennedi, Aubreyella, and Audreyella and told my mom to choose her granddaughters name

Would you have more kids?
Plan to! I definitely want 2-3 more kids at least! I would love more than that, but I dont see that happening.

What animal calls to you?
Cats!!! Horses, Unicorns

Thanks for the fun week girls Y'all are so awesome! Starting to send pms now!
nikki mama to kennedi lucille
(( 09*01*09 ))
and ryker thomas - born proudly at home
(( 01*21*14 ))

Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.

in this time and in the place, I try to live with love and grace
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