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April 9th, 2013, 11:03 AM
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Hello, ladies!

We had a couple days of promisingly nice weather here and really enjoyed it. Now it's raining and getting colder for the rest of the week with a possibility of SNOW on Friday!?! I'm so ready for some pleasant warm weather, sunshine and gentle breezes!

I'm officially moving my 2 oldest into one room together. They have been sharing a bed for months now. And the room they're in used to be the master before the 3rd floor was finished, so it has 2 closets and an en suite, so it makes sense for them to share. We're going through clothes now, and, aside from pants, I think they're practically the same size! On the one hand, I'm cheated out of hand-me-downs for #2 this time because she's growing so fast, on the other, they can share a closet and a bunch of dresses for the summer!

Good luck at the dentist today, Amira--and tomorrow!

#5, good luck with the wart

COB--I hope the contractions have settled down today.

Urban--It must be nice to have the house so tidy! I don't know how you do it, I've got less than 1/3 of your kids and can't keep up!

MIL--how fun for Wyatt! My nephew is starting T-Ball this summer and I can't wait to take the girls to a game, it's going to be so cute!

Cnote--I'm sorry the kids are going at each other. Hopefully with warmer weather they can spend more time outside. I swear having a fenced yard saves the kids and I from each other more often than I'd care to admit! I'm sure it's just a phase, I hope they're feeling more agreeable and treating each other with more kindness today.

My bigs are at preschool until early this afternoon, so I need to get the house tidied up, bake some granola bars and a double batch of dinner so I can deliver a meal to a friend who is recovering from surgery. It's nice to be busy but not overwhelmingly so. It helps me to feel productive.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!
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