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April 9th, 2013, 11:06 AM
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I'm really happy for those who have been able to have the kind of birth they want in a hospital, whether natural or otherwise, however, I used two TOP hospitals in my area with my first two kids, and while my experiences weren't nightmares, they were just no where near what I wanted. Having a birth plan was pointless. Requesting waivers for things was useless (such as for an IV). Perhaps I could have fought harder, but I refused some things MULTIPLE times and asked for waivers MULTIPLE times and all I got was harassed until I caved in. And the reality is, even if I never caved and THEY eventually caved, that kind of stress while I'm in labor isn't exactly part of my "birth plan" either.

My last birth was at a birth center and a much better experience. I am hoping for same, or a home birth, this time. However, there is still the possibility that my baby will come prematurely, forcing me back into the hospital setting I am trying to think positive but with the way I've been feeling physically lately, I realized that I need to be prepared for this potential outcome. But I really don't know what I could possibly do. I gave it my all with my previous hospital births and still wound up unhappy. I figure I can decide which hospital I would use in the event of premature delivery and get any waivers I need ahead of time, which might be my best shot but still no guarantee of anything. I would like some peace over this issue though in terms of feeling prepared.

Obviously if the baby was very premature my only concern would be the baby being okay, and my birthing desires would be so unimportant at that point, but my other preemies were still fairly farther alone (35 and 36 weeks) and born in perfect health, so the most likely scenario I think would be that my concerns would fairly be with having a safe and healthy birth experience, which IME means less intervention, which IME is nearly impossible to achieve in a hospital.

Any ideas to help me prepare?
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