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April 9th, 2013, 12:01 PM
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An intro, huh? Well I'm Tiff (29), married to Jason (34) since May 12, 2007. I'm mom to Robbie (9), Bryce (5), Merrick (3) and baby due late June/early July. I've been a member here on SL forever... I joined JM when I was pregnant with Bryce.

I grew up in Minnesota as an only child. Met Robbie's sperm donor (he's never been a parent or wanted to be so I consider him just a donor) when I was in my first year of college. We got married, got pregnant, he didn't want Robbie and cheated on me so we got divorced. In 2005 after a trip to California to see some family, I came back home thinking that I was just going to have fun and date a bit. I met DH on Yahoo! Personals about a week after I got home and met him in person a week after that. He and Robbie met a couple days after we saw each other in person and got along famously from the second they met. We moved in together Labor Day weekend 2005, got engaged Mother's Day 2006, found out we were expecting Bryce the beginning of March 2007 and got married May 12, 2007. We had been planning the wedding though since we got engaged. Bryce was born Nov 12, 2007 so we joke that he was our 6-month baby. We found out that we were expecting Merrick just after our 2nd wedding anniversary and found out just before my birthday this last year we were expecting baby #4. It had been kind of a whirlwind thing for us but we've never done anything slowly... It's always been all or nothing for us.

About 18 months ago I figured out that my path wasn't Christianity but more Paganism-ish and that did put a little bit of a strain on Jason and I because he didn't understand what I believed. Now that he understands and knows that I'll support his faith in Christianity as long as he supports mine in my path we're good as gold. As far as guidance, I'm not really sure. I'm just kind of letting my path lead me right now and trying to accept things as they come since my life has kind of been turned upside down a few times in the last 18 months. So I guess the guidance would be how to keep moving forward with my path.


What faith, religion or path did you grow up with? What faith, religion or path do you identify with now? Or are you still seeking? I grew up in Catholic schools but attended United Church of Christ or Lutheran churches. I am on a Pagan path now and I'm finally comfortable with where I am.

If different, what led you to your new path? If still seeking, what are you currently exploring? Paganism just makes sense to me as it's more nature based.

What do you most enjoy about your current path? The peace that I have internally with things. I was very conflicted before when I tried to adhere to Christianity.

If you identify with a faith or religion at present, is there anything in it you don’t agree with? Not with Paganism.

What spiritual activities do you do the most often? Meditation, energy work... I haven't done any spell work since I got pregnant with this baby.

What would you say your three core beliefs or values are? Honestly, Loyalty, Compassion/Love

Do you believe in:

Angels To an extent. I believe that they are around but I do not believe that they belong to the Christian God.

Devil Nope.

Heaven Summerland more like... Where you can reunite with other spirits that you're connected to.

Hell Nope

God/Source I believe that there are higher powers. Not necessarily just one but could be multiples.

Saints/Ascended Masters Ascended Masters yes.

Past lives/Reincarnation For sure! I know of many that I've had with some ladies from this board... It's amazing what I've learned.

Prayer To a point. I believe in asking for help and giving thanks for what we have to the higher powers.

Magick Yes

Cosmic ordering/The Law of Attraction Somewhat, I believe that we all make our charts and we choose whether or not it will work for us.
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