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April 9th, 2013, 12:48 PM
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Aww, don't worry about "whiny posts" like 50% of my posts are me whining about how I'm on CD__ (insert high number, today would be 97) and how it feels like my cycles will never come back after the pill. A suggestion I can think of for you is: seeing if your doctor will do tests for you to see if you have PCOS. This is what I am doing, because any fertility specialists are out of the question for me & DH since we have not been trying anywhere near a year, we just got engaged in june last year, I just stopped the pill jan 1st., we're in our early twenties, etc. etc. So me getting PCOS tests and exams will give me some information and is covered under normal services and not fertility services. Especially since I've read that for some people the only sign is irregular periods! And if I DO turn out to have it, I could get on Metformin for the insulin resistance that comes with it, which also coincidentally helps lots of women with PCOS ovulate. Maybe you could look into that as well to find out why your cycles are wonky?? It is more likely to be the type of service you could get at a clinic or for a low price, vs. fertility testing which can be expensive and can be hard to get if you don't meet their qualifications.
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