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April 9th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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My cycle is usually 28-30 days long. Sadly, the last time I actually marked my period on a calendar was in February 9th. Today is April ninth and still no period. Making me anywhere between 4 days late to right on time to start today.

Now here's the strange part I need some experienced mommies/mommies to be to help me with.

On the 25 of March I experienced some pretty bad pain from my lower left abdomen to the middle of my lower abdomen. This was a week after what I thought was me ovulating so it was strange. It lasted for about a day and it was nothing like ovulation. I thought it might be a UTI because I kept wiping some clear discharge with dark brown laced in it. I sometimes spot when I ovulate but it's usually light pink- no clear w. brown. It went away and I thought nothing of it since i haven't experienced any other symptoms.

Flash forward to three days ago when my period was due- I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm gonna get my period, cramping. This is normal for me so I just got up and put a pad. Well since then I get this feeling like I'm gonna get my period every night- cramp for a bit and it's never there in the morning. No other clear symptoms though- I've been tired and thirsty... but I don't feel like I should jump to conclusion and atribute that to anything. Also been getting this pulling butterflies in my stomach but again- I've been freaking out over not getting my period so don't know if this is a symptom or just my body playing tricks on me.

Sorry for the long detailed story but I searched all over the web and nobody mentions ovulation being as painful as it was for me and the discharge from it being clear/brown.
I was thinking of waiting 'till the 11th to test. Just because I didn't mark my period for two months and I don't want to freak out my husband prematurely.

What do you mommies think? Could I be pregnant? Anyone ever experience something similar to this before? Should I wait or test right away?
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