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April 9th, 2013, 01:14 PM
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I also was told by the many nurses in my family that you should avoid any medicines for newborns. Use a suction bulb for nasal decongestion (BTW you shouldn't use decongestants on any child under 6) also crank up that shower high as it goes and sit in there with your baby. Also like soothing vapor johnson n johnson bubble bath for congestion.The only time you will want to use a med is on a temp. A high grade temp is anything over 102. And that's when your gonna wanna use a fever reducer (never attempt to sweat it out on any child) I used Infant Motrin for a fever reducer as that's what the doctor and pharmacist reccomended to me. However...before buying any thing talk to your pediatrician and the pharmacist for good measure beforehand as things are always changing. But decongestants and cough medicines don't even bother with as they aren't for baby's much less a young child.

Also if your newborn gets a fever your gonna wanna go to the Dr more than self treat as fevers in infants can spike quickly.
As your baby gets older tho...a tepid bath(not cool) will help lower fevers. Or strip them down.

Oh and plain pedialyte is always good to have on hand.

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