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April 9th, 2013, 01:17 PM
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But the headwings on the XTSL will prohibit that. You can get an extra 0.5-1" out of the other two models if you allow shoulders over the highest harness slot. The XTSL is pretty much outgrown completely when the shoulders hit the top harness slot.

The top slot on the Radian is 17.5". Other options for a seat after the Radian would be Harmony Defender (18.5" top slot) or the Frontier (20" top slot). The Defender would buy you a year-ish, but the Frontier would get you another 2 years at least. If you use the Frontier in booster mode until he outgrows it, it really could be the last seat you need. The belt fit on the Defender is good, but you'd need a backless booster down the road (like 3-4 years from now).
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