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April 9th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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What's your name? Heather
Where are you from? GA
Kids ages and names? Bryce - 4, Conlan - 2.5
What's been up this past month? Lots of travel!
What are you looking forward to in April? Being home. Warm weather!!

Preggers Check in:
EDD: July 23rd
Team Blue/Pink/Green: PINK!
Baby name if known: Not announcing yet
Planning to birth at home, hospital, or birth center: Home
How are you feeling? Great!
Anything exciting or that concerns you lately? Lots of hiccups...on my cervix. Strangest feeling ever!
Any belly pics to share?! 24 weeks.

Originally Posted by CameraChick13 View Post
What's your name? Gloria (new to the board!)
Where are you from? Northwest Ohio
Kids ages and names? First one on the way!
What's been up this past month? Trying to read everything and anything I can about pregnancy and childbirth
What are you looking forward to in April? Warm weather!!

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