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April 9th, 2013, 01:46 PM
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I'm Sharron, I'm also over from Spiritual Living where one of your members came to ask if we would visit to bring you all a little positivity and light.

I doubt my message will be as eloquent as Tasha's but I do want to say that I have been a member of JM since 2006, and in that time I have met some truly amazing women, who have overcome many barriers including infertility issues, PCOS, fibromyalgia, high risk pregnancies, to ultimately hold healthy, perfect miracle babies in their arms. Miracles do truly happen, and I have also seen time and again prayer, asking angels for help, trusting in God to bring it about at the perfect time, work for people. The only reason I'm not going to mention names etc is for their own confidentiality. Those women are real. Those miracles are real.

When the road is long I know it can be hard to hold onto that faith and that hope. I know this from other experiences in my own life. But I also know that a woman with a deep, deep desire to become a mom already has that mother's love, that fire, burning in her heart. And that force, that highest form of the highest and most powerful energy in our universe, will keep that faith and that hope alive no matter what.

I wrote an article for the ladies at Spiritual Living some time ago now on different spiritual approaches you can try alongside your physical and medical approaches when TTC. It may be enjoyable reading for some of you, I doubt you will all resonate with the ideas, but if there's anything there you do want to try and you want to ask questions or need any help, feel free to post over there or PM me.

I do angel readings, and I have done many, many TTC readings on here while I was learning and practising, the vast majority of which I have received feedback on after the fact confirming accuracy. (Nicholle, I saw your comment in Tasha's thread, I believe I read for you in the past, and am truly sorry if nothing in my reading came to pass for you, it very rarely happens).
I am extremely busy with a number of projects and situations in my life right now, so I can't offer an unlimited amount of free readings. However, if you would like me to add you to my prayer list which means I will pray for you regularly and send angels your way to help you, you can put your first name here, and I will pick a few of you (whoever I am drawn to) at the weekend to do a quick reading for in hopes of it giving you a boost. Readings usually only offer future glimpses and nothing is ever set in stone because your own actions and decisions may change and alter your course, but they are often useful for letting you know if you're on the right track and if there's any new guidance out there for you.

And finally, this is an oldie and many of you may have read it before, but I have always loved it. A piece of writing by an unknown author.

There are women who become mothers without effort, without thought, without patience or loss, and though they are good mothers and love their children, I know that I will be better.

I will be better not because of genetics or money or because I have read more books, but because I have struggled and toiled for this child.

I have longed and waited. I have cried and prayed. I have endured and planned over and over again. Like most things in life, the people who truly have appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams.

I will notice everything about my child. I will take time to watch my child sleep, explore, and discover. I will marvel at this miracle every day for the rest of my life.

I will be happy when I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of my child, knowing that I can comfort, hold, and feed him and that I am not waking to take another temperature, pop another pill, take another shot or cry tears of a broken dream. My dream will be crying for me.

I count myself lucky in this sense; that God has given me this insight, this special vision with which I will look upon my child. Whether I parent a child I actually give birth to or a child that God leads me to, I will not be careless with my love.
I will be a better mother for all that I have endured.

Yes, I will be a wonderful mother.

I'll be back at the weekend to collect any names for my prayer list if any of you feel so inclined. I sincerely pray here and now for everyone on this board, that they may be fully healed on all levels and the perfect conditions created swiftly in their lives for a healthy, happy baby to enter and receive their love. I ask angels to work with you all to make this, deepest of all human dreams, your reality. Amen.

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