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April 9th, 2013, 01:48 PM
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I had my first u/s and I just had a bad feeling about it. I asked my DH to go with for moral support. I had just had a bad feeling this whole pregnancy. and at the u/s they found a sac but no baby. I was suppose to be 7 weeks 1 day and the sac was 5 weeks 5 days. so I had more bloodwork done and scheduled another ultrasound for a few days later. my blood work went from 10k at 7 weeks to 12k. then the ultrasound showed the same thing. an empty sac. I still have not m/c on my own. No spotting no bleeding no cramps. I have a d&c scheduled for friday.

the night we BD to have this baby we got in a huge fight and I just think it is better this way. I mean obv I'm heart broken. but I don't want our BD to be just that. I want us to be able to have sex without the stress of TTC. After my D&c I'm taking time to lose weight and get my PCOS back in control and hopefully I will O on my own.

Thanks Tasha for my Blinkie!!
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