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April 9th, 2013, 02:14 PM
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1. Dream vacation - not as much the destination, but the time - I'd love to spend weeks unwinding in a beach cottage somewhere with my DH and have friends pop in and out.. somewhere with a bbq, beach access, no shopping and trivial stuff, just relaxing and quality time with friends family and nature
2. Favorite nursery theme idea at the moment - no themes, I'm not very theme oriented. Bright colors paired with soft neutrals, eclectic furnishings, nothing too precious to worry about with babies / kids
3. Best Part of Motherhood (narrow it down to 1) - so far feeling connected with others shared experiences.. but we'll see when it officially is birth day!
4. Thing you are most looking forward to this summer - pool, beach, outdoor fun and just spending time with loved ones.
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