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April 9th, 2013, 02:41 PM
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AF's gone! Booze are put away for at least 28 more days. And I haven't gained weight yet this week. I know that I shouldn't weigh myself daily -- I only get heartbroken if I've gained, even though overall, I KNOW I'm losing weight! The thing is... and I KNOW this is mega silly... I track my weight using my wii fit. And it yells at me when I don't weigh every day, and I totally fall to it's little guilt trips.

I don't want to type this next thing, because I feel like if I let it out of my mind, it means it's true... but I guess Brian (DH) already knows, so I might as well let my support network know...

The last two days, my headaches have been back. So badly I don't want to be on the computer, I don't want to do anything. Today, I took an excedrine and it seemed to help, but not completely. I'm so scared that this means that either the meds aren't helping and I'll have to up the dose or worse that I'll have to have another spinal tap.

It's also causing me a ton of stress. Since I've been filling in for the secretary for two days, I haven't had time to get some stuff done that needs to get done. I'm working on some fun lesson plans for my speech kids that I'd like to start on Thursday, but I'm worried I won't be ready by then. I need to finish up this paperwork for a friend's annulment and get it sent in, but I haven't had time to finish nor have I felt like sitting down to do it. Also, today we ended up having an early dismissal from school and so that caused a headache all of its own.

It could be that the headaches are stress related. Tomorrow, I have the day off and am going to visit my baby sister (we're having a surprise 13th birthday party for her!) and so I'll be able to relax. If not, Thursday, I'll call the neurologist's nurse and tell her what's going on.

So, if I'm quiet the rest of the week, just know that I'm reading and sending baby dust and positive thoughts, I'm just being a bit more quiet than usual!
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