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April 9th, 2013, 04:34 PM
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Doing it all over again
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Don't give up! It took my hubby and I four years to finally have a baby together (and now we are expecting our 2nd 13months later) There was no known cause for me not to be able to get pregnant according to all tests and exams, although my hubby was never tested. It was quite frustrating for me because I was blessed with 2 children from a previous marriage many yrs prior (they are 19 and 16). It's true when they say it will happen when you don't expect it. I gave up after years of temping/charting, checking cm, and everything else they advised. I finally accepted the fact that we were unable to conceive and then I didn't realize I was 10 days late for AF because I was no longer keeping track. Well, I got my BFP and had a healthy girl. This time again, I was sure our baby was our last hurrah and I accepted that I was no longer able to have children since it took us 4 yrs before. Well, I just got my BFP last week!
So it seems to be when I was no longer stressing over it that I was able to conceive. That's my advice good luck!
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