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April 9th, 2013, 05:53 PM
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We're leaving for our Anniversary cruise on Friday morning (!!!).... so I have SO much to do! This is my first cruise.... so I am super excited + nervous all at the same time!

Highest on my list of "TO DO"s, is to get my ID renewed. Unfortunately when I tried to do that today, I was informed I can't because (even though my expired ID is already in my married name) I never got around to changing my name on my SS card... so my documents don't "match" and they will NOT allow me to renew. Arg! And by the time they told me this (the lady at the front desk said nothing about having my name changed... only asked if I had my marriage licence - leading me to believe all was ok.) I had already been waiting for 20mins... and the SS office had already closed for the day! SO frustrated!

Then of course packing... making sure we have what we need & what KB needs to stay at her Grandma's house, etc. My head is swimming!

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