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April 9th, 2013, 05:55 PM
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I understand what you are all saying but I have to add this....My first was an elective c/s....It wasn't because I was scared my va jay jay wouldn't be intact or for cosmetic reasons at all. I was terrified of giving birth vagionally..mainly because most of the women in my family had VERY difficult times giving birth (hard unbearable labors that often ended in emergencys c-sections)so I requested to my doc at the time that based on that I would feel more comfortable having a c/s. And my doc completly agreed with me. Actually most doctors (in my area) feel that its a womens right to choose which way they feel comfortable giving birth. I can't stress to you enough how unfair it is for women to judge one another on "how" the baby gets here. Having a baby vagionally or by c/s isn't what makes you a women. Time and time again we women who have had c/s are constantly beaten down by woman whos "opinion" of the way a woman "should" give birth is to do it vagionally, and to be honest its So incredibly wrong. We c/s mamas don't judge you for giving birth naturally, or drug free, or at home so I am asking that you PLEASE don't judge us. Im sorry but this topic has always been a hot button issue for me. So many women keep that they are having a c/s a secret because they don't want to be judged and thats sad. I on the other hand am not afraid to tell people. I think the whole thing is flat out rediculous that ANY woman should have an opinion on which way another person wants to birth their child. There is no "easy"way to give birth and birthing vagionally has many risks as well that I think many women forget. I love all you ladies so I hope I didn't offend any of you in any way but to be completly honest I felt very offended by this post and felt I needed to say how I feel.

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