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April 9th, 2013, 06:01 PM
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Jenilope I was gonna say something to you, but forgot what it was and now I'm to lazy to flip back a page and figure it out lol

MIL we have been so windy also. My allergies have flared up big time (didn't have them till we moved up here), and my house has enough dirt to play in.

Repti, glad to see you back, missed ya! What's a golden birthday? I hear of this often but have no idea what it is.

Dinner is this strange pasta dish thing I make. The kids LOVE it! It was a creative dish once when I had literally nothing in the house and no money to go get anything lol

Got Megan registered for beauty school, she starts Monday and will probably stay with Lupan when she goes to school cause he only lives two blocks over from the school.

Went to get the car smogged and it FAILED. I thought the guy was joking, it drives fine, doesn't have any lights on, and it's newer then any of our older cars, which passed. Ugh, oh well what can you do?

that's pretty much it around here.
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