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April 9th, 2013, 06:15 PM
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I think in your case it's something different than this. I do not care how other women choose to birth but if its an informed decision, yours was an informed decision. You had a family history for your reasonings, her reasonings are purely cosmetic. And I'm sure maybe on this board you don't see judging for home births or natural births but unfortunately I have been completely judged by my decision. Asked if I was winning a medal why be a hero am I stupid to not have a doctor near by you name it my family said it. Someone went as far as posting a babies death on my wall when I was planning Everett's home birth. Told me I was asking for a dead baby. So while it may not be seen here it is there. I'm sorry that this thread offended you but I can guarantee it wasn't the intent. And I'm sorry you feel judged, a few other repeat c/s moms have responded as well so I don't think the intent was to make any of our c/s moms feel inferior to vaginal birth moms.

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