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April 9th, 2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by navywifey2003 View Post
I think in your case it's something different than this. I do not care how other women choose to birth but if its an informed decision, yours was an informed decision. You had a family history for your reasonings, her reasonings are purely cosmetic. And I'm sure maybe on this board you don't see judging for home births or natural births but unfortunately I have been completely judged by my decision. Asked if I was winning a medal why be a hero am I stupid to not have a doctor near by you name it my family said it. Someone went as far as posting a babies death on my wall when I was planning Everett's home birth. Told me I was asking for a dead baby. So while it may not be seen here it is there. I'm sorry that this thread offended you but I can guarantee it wasn't the intent. And I'm sorry you feel judged, a few other repeat c/s moms have responded as well so I don't think the intent was to make any of our c/s moms feel inferior to vaginal birth moms.
This exactly. This was in no way supposed to be my way of talking down to c/s moms. I have several friends who have had c/s and I think no less of them. It does not matter at all to me how you or anyone else births their child...I do care, however, when a decision is made purely for cosmetic reasons. I think your case is very different as you have a family history of difficult births. Had my friend made her decision based on something like that rather than how her vagina is going to look afterwards, this post would never have been made as I wouldn't have an issue with it at all.

And, unfortunately many people do judge me for wanting to go drug-free this time so you are not alone in feeling like your birth decisions are being judged. Even though I have had two failed epidurals that were absolutely awful experiences, I get told by countless people how stupid I am for not wanting an epidural. It's honestly not like I'm super excited to labor with no pain meds but there is no way in heck I would attempt to have another epidural...but I will not judge another women for wanting one.

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