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April 9th, 2013, 09:10 PM
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Oh geez, Linc is nowhere near STTN, lol. I guess I'm just used to a chronic lack of sleep at this point because it doesn't bother me too much. Yesterday was bad though, the night before he was up every hour and really fussy and not wanting to sleep, but I think it's because he's becoming so alert and interested in the world around him that he just can't be bothered to sleep anymore.

Anyway he gets really tired around 7-ish but I've been trying to keep him up for a bit longer to see if it would help him sleep later in the morning. Right now he's up around 11pm, 1am, 3-4am, and then he wants to be up for the day at 5:30-6am. lol it sounds sooo bad when I write it out like that. I pump two bottles worth of milk before bed though, and I have them fixed and ready on my bedside table so all I have to do is pick the bottle up and stick it in his mouth until about 3-4am when I need to wake up to pump, which I HATE doing because I want to sleep sooo badly, but that middle of the night pump is totally necessary to maintaining supply so I do it. So basically I do a whole lot of dozing throughout the night which is better than having to sit up with a wide awake baby for 2-3 hours, but it's still tough.

I'm ok with it though. I'm used to it by now, my older two STTN at 17 months and 2+ years so it's just par for the course by now. Lincoln doesn't seem to need as much food as my other two did though; he will take a few sucks and then go back to sleep so I am hoping that means he might be close to sleeping a bit more at night!

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