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April 9th, 2013, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MzzMommaD View Post
Sounds like a very frustrating experience. Can yo request a different doctor? Please bare with me as I type as a few keys do not work and spell check sometimes does not have the word i try to type. If i were in your shoes i would consider asking if there is another doctor in the practice you can see, or even consider changing offices all together. As to the aspirin, that makes total sense and i wish i had thought of that at some point my periods tend to suck...

In regards to the whole "My biggest qualm, he will not count ANY pregnancy for which I cannot give evidence that there was an ultrasound showing a gestational sac. So I go from 12 losses to 1 (Since I don't have the records for Mel and Dee). Future pregnancy will require a beta over 15 at 14dpo, or 25 at 16 dpo to be considered. I don't like this... and it makes me want to scream. "
I would scream myself, its like a slap in the face or a punch to the gut. How dare anyone try to tell you that your angel babies dont count because there was no ultrasound. I fully consider my angel babies a very real part of my world even if they were undocumented. They were and always will be a part of you, and if he doesnt feel that way, then perhaps hes not the right doctor for you.
There are lots of doctors in the practice, but this is the only one who handles the bad Thyroid cases. Not to mention we really can't afford for me to start jumping around doctors, we pay entirely out of pocket. The frustrating appointment this morning has been in the works for a really long time, and cost me $223. I only have to deal with him for bloodwork... since I'm not using an OB for pregnancy anyway. Of course, i didn't tell him that. He seemed like the type to try and scare me into

Originally Posted by geogeek View Post
Medically speaking, that is what they say about my losses as well. It is so upsetting. The doctor I have in CO is the first one that didn't demand "proof". I hope that the thyroid meds work for you. If YOU feel that the aspirin works, keep taking it! I am CONVINCED that it helped me keep Marsi. My periods went from Clotty messes that were extremely painful to regular no clots and manageable without vicoden. I hope that it works out enough that you get your rainbow baby.
You are the reason I decided to actually listen to the GYN I saw in 2010 and try the aspirin. If you could go from hellish periods, to manageable, with something as simple as baby aspirin.. I was game. I was actually able to use a tampon this month!! I haven't been able to wear one (pain free) since 2009. Almost makes me want to try a menstrual cup and pray that I don't get infections.


I mean.. I went to take a hpt one day, didn't realize AF had showed.. and before I could pee I overfilled the cup with AF ickiness. It's a freaking 3oz cup! So out of curiosity I started trying to catch the ickiness... and over and over for 3 days I could fill it. that's just not right.
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