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April 9th, 2013, 11:37 PM
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Yea, right!!

My body has definitely made a change this past weekend. I woke up feeling like a battleship on Sunday, LO's movement have changed to a funny odd sort of sensation, not painful though, and lightening has made its return. It started at about 8months with DS as well.

Well, and honestly, I've had lightening from the beginning...little cervical twitches and pings but now its full on baby head crushing cervix causing those infamous zings and bolts. The kind where you stop dead in your tracks and hope you don't drop to the floor and embarrass yourself in public. I had a few of those with DS...seriously it would make my knees buckle and as soon as I felt them coming on, I had to brace myself to closest secure thing.

On the one hand I'm super excited cause it makes it feel like baby will be here soon, but on the other...well, ya...not super excited cause for me lightening can get pretty intense.

Anything making a return for you ladies as we approach the end?!

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