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April 10th, 2013, 12:50 AM
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I suggest just going. Don't worry about the future. It tends to take are of itself no matter your fears. People might talk, but you know what? Ignore them. Not their business, not their place to judge.

As for your partner, that is where you truly never know what the future might bring. When we moved into the ward we lived in right after we got married, there was the loveliest man in the bishopric. Father of 5 boys, just a great man. Later I learned his story. His wife attended church with those 5 boys all alone for years. He was a nice man, but not interested in the church. He drank and smoked. She hoped he'd one day join the church so they could all be sealed, but figured it likely wouldn't happen. The boys started growing up and went on missions and married in the temple... and then something happened. No one knows quite how, but the man decided to learn more about the church and ultimately got baptized. No one thought that would ever happen, least of all his wife. So, really, you just never know.

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