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April 10th, 2013, 07:32 AM
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Kaija is terrible about eating. She would rather be doing ANYTHING else than sitting at the table and eating her meals, especially dinner. Now it's become this endless cycle that I'm worried is going to be a problem once school starts. She always wants a HUGE breakfast - 2 bowls of cereal, 2 waffles and a piece of toast, if I'm awake enough to make pancakes she'll eat 5-6, etc. On days she has preschool she has a small snack sometime between 9-11, when she's home I'll give them something around 10 usually. We have lunch at noon every day and I try to make sure there's plenty on her plate and sometimes she eats it all, most times she doesn't. Then the afternoon fun begins... An hour after she "finishes" her lunch she's "starving to death" again. If I give her something she still claims to be hungry again an hour later, and an hour later, and an hour later... Ideally I want her to wait until Kolbie is up from her nap at 4, starting in August it will be 3:30 before she's home from school anyway and I have no idea if they do snacks or not. And then the kicker is if I don't give in and let her snack all afternoon she won't eat her dinner. And if I do give in and let her snack all afternoon she also won't eat her dinner. She can tell me how starving she is while I'm cooking and telling her to wait 20 min. and then leave everything on her plate but 2 bites. Then right before bed she's telling me she's starving again, at which point I don't give her anything because she didn't eat her dinner. The next morning we start over again.

How do I fix this? It drives me INSANE. I want her to be able to focus at school but if she's REALLY starving all day that's not going to happen. But I also want her to eat when it's time to eat, she should be able to do that at this point I think. We talk about how she can't just eat all afternoon at school next year and that's why I'm "being mean" about it right now. She needs to adjust.
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