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April 10th, 2013, 09:13 AM
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number5, congrats and welcome to the world of boys!! i am impressed that you are up and at 'em on the computer so soon after delivering.

anyone heard from mari?

still coughing here...still windy outside too. wyatt has a short day today so i am getting him and taking him home so i can shop at kohls and get my nails done. i bit off all the acrylics last night at baseball - they were due to be changed anyway. i kinda like the feel of short nails for about a minute and then they start to peel and all bets are off.

church tonight, left-over stew for my dinner. tomorrow night the kids asked me to babysit so they can go on a double-date together. that could mean a late night for this old girl.

time to get busy -- have lots of stuff from my office to move upstairs before my boys decide to show up some random day and move the heavy stuff around for me. it is so beautiful outside -- blue clear skies thanks to the wind. i will miss the view from my desk since upstairs has a different window set-up.

UM, my twin stroller was bought from CL. new, it would have been over $400. i paid $300 and i bet it would get $200 now. i haven't decided to sell it yet although i will eventually. too bad it won't fit in the box.
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