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April 10th, 2013, 10:07 AM
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Is there anything that you have bought that you found yourself not using? Anything you are starting to look into now that our LO's are getting to the crawl and walk stage? What has been the biggest lifesaver thus far?

We didn't get to use the swing. He hated it. Brand new and still sitting in my closet. (That made me sad) We also didn't get to use the bassinet. He had to sleep in his bouncer because of reflux and now he is just too big for it.

One thing we went out and picked up when we got his new carseat was some cabinet catches. We are locking up the chemical cabinet and all the sink cabinets in both bathrooms just in case.

The biggest lifesaver for us has been the bouncy seat. Since Pickle hated his swing it was the next best thing to get him to sleep sitting up. He loves that darn thing!!!

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