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April 10th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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My double stroller budget is less than $100....shoot, less than $60. I don't need fancy, just one that doesn't have mold spots on the seat. I'm not in the market for high end strollers.

So, question about baby names. I am about 97% decided, its a letter issue.

So we have picked Evaani Jospehine. Evaani is a derivative of Evan (according to my name book) and means God is gracious (I think).
Then there is Avaani, which is Indian and means earth.

So, in my head I am saying one EE-vahn-ee and the other Ah-vahn-ee. I prefer the Evaani meaning, but kinda like the Avaani spelling. `

I'd probably end up calling either Vaani (Vahn-ee), but also prefer, if she grew up and wanted to shorten it, Eve or Eva to Ava.

Anyone want to weigh in?? LOL
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