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April 10th, 2013, 12:10 PM
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To each their own I guess. I have had 7 vaginal births and recovery was different with each one. I am scared to death of a c-section, which I have to have for the baby. It is major abdominal surgery and the risks with surgery, without a baby being involved, are enough that I know to avoid it if I can. It sounds like a total cosmetic reason, which is dumb. I would think getting your va jay jay fixed would be easier than trying to fix a c-section scar and any scarring.

Anyway... kind of on this subject. I once had a doctor tell me, after having to have an epidural and me wanting a "natural" birth, that it's only unnatural if they pulled the baby out of your nose. I'm just surprised, that a doctor would agree to it, knowing the risks, for non-medical reasons.

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