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April 10th, 2013, 02:25 PM
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Before I start let me say that I have an appointment with my physician on May 1st so I am just looking at others that may have experienced something like I have.

About 6-7 yrs ago I started to have pain directly after sex. I had been recently been told that I had PCOS so I just assumed it was related to that-- young and naive, that was me. Its continued throughout the years but I never paid attention to when it happened in my cycle. Two years ago, a saw a new gyno and I told them of the pain and they told me it was because I wasn't ovulating. He did an internal and said "Nope, you're clean." (still young and didn't push further testing). They put me on seasonique and I then bled for 6 weeks straight. Called them and they weren't concerned. Told me to continue. So I did. Did the same thing a few months later, bled for six weeks. I took myself off them and haven't been on the pill since. I have irregular periods and they are heavy. I've also paid attention to the cramping after sex. It usually is the week before my period is going to start. They are worse than contractions but thats what they feel like. Usually last 40minutes-1hr before they start to subside. They've gotten worse over the past few years as well. Usually for the next day or two my uterus is sore.

Any input would be great. We are TTC and need to have this figured out soon. Thanks everyone.
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