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April 10th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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Aidan is also a huge breakfast eater and not always so keen on the dinner. But, I don't have the constant snacking/I'm starving requests from him either, so I tend to just not force the dinner issue.

I agree that getting a schedule in order now that will mimic school is a good idea. Find out their schedule and work to it. They will likely have a snack time in there somewhere. For Aidan, they snack in the morning (around 10:00), lunch at 12:30 and then he's on the bus by 3:00. I pack a snack for him to eat on the bus on his way home.

I think the key for you is to somehow get away from the snack every hour. She'll probably not be happy about it at first, but it'll pay off in the end. And better to deal with it now then when she's also going through the change of a new school pattern.

I just had another thought... in the situation like you described today where she eats lunch and then asks for pizza, what if you offer a healthy alternative (like a piece of fruit) instead? If she's truly "starving", she'll eat it, if she's just wanted the not so healthy option, then you know she's actually not.

We do that with Aidan in the evenings. We don't do any snack after supper, mostly because he's usually just not that hungry later in the day, but if he does say he is, is only option is fruit.

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