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April 10th, 2013, 03:36 PM
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Im a very proud person.. but life has definitely thrown curveballs this last year.. I will be 24 weeks pregnant on Friday.. I had just gone through a divorce (at 24 years old!!) and I moved across country and just got a seasonal job with no insurance to carry me through and pay my student loans and then found out I was pregnant. I lost the job and the state help is the only thing keeping me on my feet.. I get a small amount of cash assistance (enough to buy stuff for the baby), some food (enough if I plan very sparingly), and medical. I also plan to go sign up for WIC this week, too as that is good for pregnant women as well. If you want this baby, definitely look into that. It will allow you to breathe again! It wont be easy but it will certainly help.. Plus, they won't expect you to work during your first trimester or right after the baby is born to give the assistance and then will help you find a decent job (not easy at all even with a degree- I graduated 2 years ago)... sooo, now the baby will be born within days of my 25th birthday and I am feeling like even though I am single, this assistance and baby has my life in a good place to have the baby, stay home right after, and then get help finding a good permanent job after.. For me, this baby has actually given me better opportunities at life.. although I do have to admit I cried the first day I found out.
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