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April 10th, 2013, 04:13 PM
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I've been enforcing the healthy option for snacks lately. Otherwise she helps herself to the entire bag of Goldfish or an entire sleeve of saltines or something ridiculous. It doesn't help that I work all afternoon while Kolbie is napping and sometimes I'm not paying enough attention and realize what she's doing.

Today actually went pretty well, surprisingly. She only asked for the pizza and I told her she'd have to wait until 4 when Kolbie woke up. When she got up Kaija got them both a cheese stick and I never heard the words "I'm hungry" at all. I'm finding it also makes a difference when what we're having for dinner is something she likes. Tonight we're having chicken enchiladas and she loves them. But if she knows we're having pork chops or something she isn't so in love with she seems more likely to be "hungry" all afternoon.
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