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April 10th, 2013, 05:20 PM
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Yes exactly! I understand that I will never get the bond she has with him. I don't expect to. But she also will never understand the bond I have with him. How I was his only mother for 8 months when he was 6 years old and mommy was "sick." How I took care of him, loved him, kept him safe, and comforted him when he didn't know what was going on.

I don't believe that they have a stronger bond JUST because she gave birth to him. I think he loves me just as much as he possibly can. But no, she feels threatened by me, and chooses to lash out at me, shown here.

Your problem it's that u think u know everything based on what Eric has told u. You met O when he was 6. I was the sole provider before that. If u expect perfection, all i can say is that naive attitude will set u up for constant disappointment in yourself & those around u. I love my son more than anything & he is well taken care of. His homework gets done. He is clean, rested, happy, loved. Anything else u think u know besides that is you're own imagination or lies, sweetie.
You say u don't want to argue but u are very argumentative. You are also very judgmental & accusatory. I'm tired of your childish attempts at belittling me, undermining my authority & responsibility, & futile attempts to downgrade my parenting. I'm a nursing student, and a single mother. I hope you never have to work this hard & have immature nobodies pointing out every perceived flaw. Unless u want to cut the crap, grow up, be civil, remember you're manners, I will not talk to you. Until there are court approved documents giving u the right to make decisions regarding O, this shall remain between Eric & I, as our plan clearly states. If you choose to treat me with the respect I deserve, all will be well. That's all I ask.
I'm sorry but if you see your childs stepmother as a NOBODY, how can you ever expect to coexist with her?
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