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April 10th, 2013, 05:23 PM
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Still Waiting - those are some awesome embabies woman!! You rock.
Kim - Congrats...yayyy!
Kayakr - How'd it go?!?

AFM: (still not sure what AFM means?) I had my retrieval yesterday. They got 22 follies. And the fertility report this morning is 19 fertilized and 15 are viable...we're targeting this Sunday for transfer...woohoo!

Okay, now for the unmentionables. Sorry if this is TMI. Did anyone get hyper-stimmed and horribly constipated? Ugh, I'm trying everything and I'm terribly uncomfortable. If you had it what worked? I'm covering while my boss is out (crazy stress) and I'm so bloated I'm practically waddling!! I'm having salty foods like crazy.

And congrats to anyone else I missed!!
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