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April 10th, 2013, 05:33 PM
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Well, Lilli had her surgery Monday morning. She had her adenoids removed and sinuses flushed. We had to get there at 615, but they didn't do the surgery until about 830. Waiting was ridiculous! She screamed when they took her from me. Dr said she did well. Her adenoids were big and he got a good bit from flushing her sinuses and will culture it. We should know the results soon. After they were done with the surgery they said they were going to get her to drink and take out the iv and bring her to me. All of a sudden I heard crying and they brought her to us, with her iv. They couldn't get her to stop crying. I couldn't get her to stop crying. And not just crying, moaning from the pain. Her face was so swollen. Finally I told the nurse and they got the anesthesia guy in there and he said it's fine as long as she drinks by the afternoon, if she didn't we'd have to take her to the er. So they took out the iv and we dressed her. And THEN she drank! lol. Well, she cried the whole way home and for about 2 hours at home. She just wanted to cuddle. Then we just decided to lay her in the crib and she slept for 2 hours and woke up and drank a whole bottle of pediasure and juice box and ate some gummies and banana. She didn't eat much yesterday or drink. We gave her her milk bottle and layed her down for bed last night and she all of a sudden started screaming. She puked all in her crib. Idk she's just not wanting to eat much. She is drinking a little and having wet diapers. So that's ok. I know she's gotta hurt. The dr gave her some amoxicillin for the infection until they get the results back. We're rotating advil and tylenol for the pain.

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