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April 10th, 2013, 06:28 PM
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Hi mommies!

From the time I was a baby I suffered with horrible eczema. My mom had such a hard time trying to find ways to soothe my skin. She took me to the dermatologist about every 6 months for treatments. All the steroid creams, the different lotions, all the advice she was given... but nothing helped me. She was told to stay away from any type of synthetic fibers... so she spent forever just reading clothing labels to ensure what was touching my skin was 100% cotton. Every night at bedtime, the steroid creams were lathered onto my skin, then I was wrapped in saran wrap... the plastic baggies were tied to my feet... etc... I could never use bubble bath... had to be very careful with laundry products... all scent free... even then I would react.

As I got older it didn't get better. One benefit is I didn't have to wash dishes... my hands were always so broken out they would bleed. I couldn't wear make up... I rarely wore shorts or short sleeved shirts.

After the birth of my first son, my eczema got so bad the doctor recommended I start having cortisone shots. I declined... I knew there had to be a solution.

I tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Then I started thinking... if the doctors recommended no synthetic fibers... what about synthetic chemicals in cleaners, body lotions, bubble baths, make up, shampoos, etc....

I went on a mission. I literally started pulling up every ingredient listed on every bottle. I was SHOCKED to say the least. The number of chemicals in every day products that are linked to eczema! I became truly mad.

I started dumping bottles... throwing everything away. Everything from Johnson & Johnson products which all contain extremely dangerous toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde (and no... you won't see formaldehyde listed on the bottle... but you will find it listed in it's chemical name which none of can pronounce or have any clue what it really is). All my laundry products were pitched as well. All the synthetic fragrances, the fillers and all the toxic chemicals. Same with the cleaners. Even the so-called environmentally friendly cleaners... THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!! Ever heard of greenwashing?? This is where a company promotes their products as being safe and environmentally friendly... but do your research. Most are gimmicks as they know consumers are getting smarter and people are going for the more "natural" products. BUT... they aren't as natural as they advertise them to be!

I did find a store that makes all safe, non toxic products. I switched stores 12 years ago, and guess what?? You would NEVER know I ever had any form of skin issue! I can take bubble baths. I can wear make up. I can use body lotion. I can clean without my hands bleeding.

The ONLY time I have issues now is on my hands IF I use hand soap in public restrooms. Why?? Because it's filled with toxic chemicals.

I encourage you... if you or someone you know if suffering with eczema... do your research! Get rid of the products you are currently using. Just because your mom used Proctor & Gamble or Colgate Palmolive or Johnson & Johnson products doesn't mean you have to! Furthermore, the products they used from these companies even 15 years ago is NOT the same products they make today. Formulations change in order to make the product as cheap as possible.. why?? Because stores like WalMart dictate how much products can be in order for the manufacturer to carry their products. Ever seen a WalMart commercial that promotes quality products?? Nope. It's all about roll back prices.. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

The store I shop from is a manufacturer... meaning I get wholesale prices. So yes, I am saving money. And, the products work. Better than anything I've ever used. For example, the laundry products took out 5 year old stains... clothes that had been washed over and over... I switched and old stain came out. Huh. Impressive!

Anyway... sorry for the book here... but I feel everyone needs to know about the garbage the big manufacturers are selling!

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