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April 10th, 2013, 07:43 PM
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Is she eating out of boredom or habit? Maddie pulls that alot with wanting a 'treat' (not a SNACK). She's always hungry after school.

Here is our schedule home or at school:
7:30-8 Breakfast - Pancake with OJ or Milk or Water.
10:30 Snack with Juice or water (usually a pack of muffins or dry snack)
12:00 Lunch - Milk or water
3:00 afternoon snack - dry snack with juice or water.
4 she can have a treat after school
*start the whining and complaining of non stop hunger and wanting another treat or sweet*
5-6 is dinner, I try to hold off as long as possible - milk with dinner.
7 is final call for any dessert or sweet - she likes having a popsicle while taking a bath lately.
7:30 for books or games before bed is last call for dry snack - popcorn or vedgie sticks with water.
8-8:30 is bed, nothing after brush teeth.

I tell her if she is still hungry at any point in the day she needs to eat more at meals and the more she asks for a 'treat' the more she loses them, warnings always work. She can be miserable complaining about food but I think half the time she's just bored or finding a way to get attention b/c I give her options and she never knows what she wants and melts down. It's stupid. I hate it.

I would impose limits on breakfast too. 5-6 pancakes is crazy and could be inflating her tummy for lack of later as large meals. I limit maddie to 1 pancakes, one waffle, or cereal and I supplement a fruit if she will eat it. Second pancakes are rare and only after finishing a fruit.

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