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April 10th, 2013, 11:14 PM
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I wish I could get this kid to eat more protein. Peanut butter is the one thing I know she'll eat that has some amount of protein in it. Admittedly, we are a poor vegetable eating family as a whole. As a general rule we try to do whole grains when at all possible. I've started limiting breakfast to try to get the rest of the day back on track. I wish I could get motivated to actually make better breakfasts. I work after the girls are in bed and usually am up until 1 a.m. working and I can barely get myself going and eating something in the morning let alone doing much more than putting a waffle in the toaster or pouring a bowl of cereal. I do really need to do better about this - for all of us.

I got Shannon's granola recipe a few weeks ago and asked if she might like that. So I think I'm going to have her help me pick some things to put in it so that she'll eat it.

Cyndee, our rough schedule is really very similar to Maddie's. We used to do a pre-bedtime snack but it started to become an issue where she wouldn't eat dinner, so we cut it out and it hasn't seemed to be a problem. It's getting from lunch to dinner that gets stressful.
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