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April 11th, 2013, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by DaniB+3 View Post
But I'd give anything to be able to birth naturally so it makes me sad that other moms don't see that ability as a gift. Frankly it sucks to have to sign up for major abdominal surgery every freakin' time I want to have another kid .
Agreed! My first c/s was very traumatic (I didn't almost die though- that must have been so scary, I'm sorry ). It took me about 3 yrs to even want another kid bc of it as well. I went on to have two failed VBACs and the c/s's weren't too bad but I have serious envy issues over vaginal birthers (though I'm very happy for them). I've finally 'Given up' on a vag-birth but I really appreciate those who don't take it for granted that their bodies cooperate with them at such a magical time. I will always urge ladies to let their bodies take the wheel first and then tweak things as needed if there are bumps in that rd. I understand there are extenuating circumstances at times like what Karenna was speaking about and to me that's a different thing altogether than caring about the hoohah and what it looks like. News flash- all genitals are nasty looking and they all sag and such the older you get.

I've been wondering if this woman who cares so much about her chacha is planning to go into the porn industry with her golden lady bits. (I know, bad-me for saying this)
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