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April 11th, 2013, 11:14 AM
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I found in my pregnancies that in some ways I was more spiritual and in other ways, less - I had to stop my paid readings and take maternity leave from it for some time because I just couldn't guarantee having the motivation or energy. Faeries have a lovely energy for readings.

You and your family (including your horses!) are beautiful!

Some questions for Friday.

Are you interested in a particular strand or strands of Paganism or are you more eclectic/exploring?
What was your favourite thing about church growing up?
And what bit(s) did you really not feel comfortable with?
What ideas do you have for names for your summer baby?
Have you dreamed of your baby or do you have any intuitions about their personality etc?
What would Robbie, Bryce and Merrick have been named if they'd been girls?
How many children would you like to have altogether?

I'll probably come back with more either tomorrow or at the weekend!

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